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Think back if you have ever felt that you would love to diet, but your family and friends make it too hard to do it successfully.

Think back if you love exercising, but friends and family criticize you for being obsessed.

Think back if you have felt your friends and surroundings are not conducive to the lifestyle you would like to lead.

Then what have you done about that?

Because I bet days have turned into night, nights into weeks, then months, and probably 10 years.

Am I right or wrong?

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Are you living the dream life you envisioned when you finished studying? Of course many factors come into play, and life is not easy, life is not a dream, it is life and it is about the journey and challenges more than the outcome. But life is also not about money and material abundance.

Life is about happiness, about putting smiles in other people’s faces, and about helping the collective behave in a way that puts smiles on yours.

Ever wondered why in an airplane they ask you to put the oxygen mask on first, and then help those around you?

The idea is for you to be happy, fulfilled, proactive, and ready to help others. You do this by listening to yourself first.

So listen in again, ask yourself what you would like to be doing, who’s life would you like to be living? But make sure you focus on health and happiness, not on material wealth.

And, if anybody stands in your way you might want to see that person less, or ignore them, because we should all be here to help others achieve their goals and dreams.

Life is about helping others, but its also about you being able to be you. With nobody standing in your way.

Whoever is putting down your dreams does not deserve a part in your movie.




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