How to Change Quickly

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Have you ever heard the phrase: You can loose in one second what has taken a lifetime to build?

Generally this phrase is used when talking about loosing trust, loosing reputation, or losing face. But, like most things in life, everything negative can also be looked at in a positive light.

If it has taken you years to build an unhealthy body that you are not proud of or value much, then I have good news, you can break free from that in 1 second too.

You see, many of the actions that you took to get to where you have ended up are not really your fault, or at least nobody taught you how to break free of that negative behavior.

Most of the junk food you ate was probably an unconscious decision your brain made to cope with some sort of stress, anxiety, and to adapt to a certain situation, and coupled with chemical food engineered to make you binge on it. But, marketing made sure that as soon as you felt stressed and wanted to unconsciously cope with it through food, you first thought about those particular food choices.

In terms of exercise, nobody probably taught you or walked you through enough for you to notice that the payoff is much much greater than the effort it requires to put in. The reality is that if exercise was so painful, so devastating and so not worth it, nobody in the world would be fit. There is just a certain outcome your brain has not been allowed to experience yet, so you shy away from putting in that little bit of work.

But that can be broken in a second. I bet you have always thought about what you are not, what you don’t like, what you will never be? Of course that with those recurring thoughts it is very hard to act and behave with the steps that will ultimately lead you to become that.

You have to stop thinking defeat and unobtainable, and you must start believing, visualizing you already are great, and you are just working to become a little better.

Picture yourself in point 10, then make sure you take steps 3, 4, 5, 6…etc to get there. But if you are thinking apples and oranges, chances are it will be inconceivable to start behaving with efforts 3, 4, ….etc.

Its all in the mind, and you already have the most important ingredient. If you are reading this, that means you are already interested in making change, now just transform that interest into commitment. Its all in the mindset.

You don’t want to become, you already are becoming. That key ingredient to success takes only 1 second to put in place, and break free from years of that person you were 5 minutes ago, who you will never be again.

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