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I woke up today feeling a little absent minded, with a little bit of blurry vision, lazy, foggy headed. Why? I cant recall drinking last night, in fact I’m almost positive I slept 8 hours.

In book I’ve learned o recognize this absent-mindset state as gluten-minded. Hold off, this is not a blog bashing gluten. Maybe gluten does not affect you, and that’s ok. It affects me a little and this weekend not only did I taste a few croissants, and had some good empanadas, but I had a few beers, yes just a few ;).

Anyways, that is not the end of the world, but I don’t feel great. I don’t feel terrible, I just feel weak, lazy, unmotivated….Talk about living life to the max and with youthful energy levels!

So if gluten doesn’t affect you, today might be an awesome day for you, and since gluten makes me lazy and foggy, then for me it’s a terrible day. In my book…I fell.

And then I have two choices:

  • Making crappy decisions today and caving in on the “well if I’m already feeling this way then whatever…”
  • Or I can clean up my act, pick myself up, and delay that next fall for quite some time.

We all fall, more often than not! We fall repeatedly, that is what life is all about. In fact, I’ve heard a few quotes that say something along the lines of: a successful person is not someone that does not fall, but someone that can pick themselves up quickly.

When you take any martial arts or gymnastics the first thing they teach you is how to break a fall. When you learn Oly lifting or start squatting heavy the first thing your coach will teach you is how to get out of the way for the inevitable hundreds of failed attempts you will have on your way to progress. Sports like football and rugby are based on knocking people down, and the game is not over after that first fall, right?

Then If you fell, nothing has happened. You probably delayed your progress by exactly 1 day, max 2, but that is it. But if you stay down, then not only if progress not continuing, but this lack of consistency is what breaks the pattern and consistency required for success.

So you get mi point. If you fell, then shut up and pick up yourself up, that’s nothing new. You fell, I fell, Ill fall again, and so will you. Get up, brush off, and continue building your life the way you envision it.




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