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In a time of wearables that count your steps, calories spent (assuming that can even be meaured), heart rate, sleeping patterns, reactions to food, etc etc etc, there was one wearable missing. A product for people who already love fitness, who dont need too much motivation because they already add fitness to their lifestyle on a daily basis. The functional fitness community was missing a “wearable” that adpated to their needs. Something you could carry on you, not on your pocket, that could vibrate and beep, and that could easily help you meaure the time spent in a wod or workout, could let you program your amrap quickly, could handle a tabata (or tabatha), but that could also allow the user to program their own interval timers however they saw fit (pun intended).

So, the Hall Pass Watch was born, giving you an oportunity to skip the box if needed in favor of an outdoor workout, re-empower you with the same time domains and even more of the box´s wall clock if you wanted to put in a workout on a sunday when the gym was closed, and basically define and treat yourself to a wrist watch that spells functional fitness.

Here are a few weeks of the most important creating of the PrimalPattons as of today, and below a little bit more of the story of how it was inspired and what led to its creation!




My name is Thomas, I’m 35, and my wife and I built and owned 50% of a box from July 2010 until we sold it in January 2016. Reebok CrossFit PTY in the Republic of Panama to be exact. I had another full time job, but was also the full time administrator at the box. Still don’t know how I pulled that off for a few years and how the box worked out so well. Anyways, I would get to the box at 5pm sharp, that’s if I didn’t have to make a bank run between work and the box, checked in on front desk staff as fast as I could, and tried to jump in and work out on the 5:30pm class before I had to either coach or help out on the classes after that. Anybody who owns a box can identify with this rushed lifestyle.

Anyways, it often did not happen that way and I was always late to the workout. Not only did my warm up always suffer, but by the time I got to the workout, whether I had time to do that same workout or now only an abbreviated version of it, the wall timer was already in use, and even if I jumped in at minute 7 (for example), it was often reset after part A, or whatever. So while I worked out alone in a corner, in a crowded box, and always in a hurry, day after day, week after week, and month after month, solutions to these circumstances began popping up.

I did not like using timer apps on my phone, because people always needed to move it around to get to the bumpers, or boxes, or whatever. I did not like leaving the phone around when I had to run, because even though I was certain it was not going to get stolen inside my box, it could be moved, banged up or something spilled on it, and, what I hated the most, was having to stop the exercise to turn around and see how much time was left of any particular exercise, etc. I tried using regular sport watches, but hated having to put down cleans, or the kb, or getting off the pullup bar to see how much time was left, and/or add and substract any kind of work/rest intervals I had chosen. Too many problems, too few solutions.

 So I set out to find my own ideal solution. A wrist watch, that not only could do everything the wall timer or any app could, but that you could also program custom intervals to (there are simply things you can do for 1 minute straight and others you can only do for 15 seconds unbroken), and that could let you know of transitions ahead of time without having to look at it.

The idea marinated a bit, but I felt manufacturing in Asia, plus the investment, was way beyond my capabilities. Enter “The 4 Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferris a few months later, and that idea started looking a lot more feasible. A quick post on elance.com (now upwork.com) and what had been an impossible idea was already a blueprint. Fast forward two and half years of tweaks, improvements, prototypes, patents, copyrights, and upgraded features, and you are now finally looking at my Muse!

I hope my solution can also help you with any time or location constraints your fitness lifestyle may face at times. Not only that, but I was always hoping throughout this whole journey that working out at any sort of physical location became optional. Sure, we love our box, I actually love visiting several different boxes per month, but also love having a KB and rope in my trunk and getting in a quick workout whenever I can or feel like it, alone or with a friend or two. I might not be able to grow any PRs doing any sort of intervals at the beach or park, but I can sure grow from that experience and have that quick workout episode add peace to my life, to later spread to my family (not to mention the fresh air, and the unique feeling of randomness, or workout possibility, anytime, anywhere). Like when we first got a taste of the freedom and variety that came with this new functional fitness life.

I hope you love my product, I am honored to contribute to your fitness lifestyle, and thank you for reading my story! 

I would love to hear yours too! So email me with anything at thomas@hallpasswatches.com.

Please also visit www.hallpasswatches.com where our product is featured and described, and please follow on Instagram at @hallpasswatches.

Big Hug!




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