You will never get Fit

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Thats Right! But don’t worry, you are safe!

Its not like this post has the biggest secret in the world, or is it lathered with magic dust from the wizard of the enchanted forest.

But, it does include one of the most important principles in having a successful fit journey: Surround yourself with Fitness.

And we are all pressed for time, that is clear, ever present, and even valid to some degree. But if concerning yourself with fitness is not part of your agenda, if opening up a blog post with a headline like this (or an email) does not call your attention, then you will never succeed in your Fitness Journey.

Two things could be going on. Maybe you are too distracted in other things and much rather read and surround yourself with other things, which is not good, because to have success at something you at least need to concern yourself a little bit.

And also, you could packing your days too hard. To many things back to back. Perhaps you have 2 or 3 jobs, that is understandable and admired, but the reality then is that perhaps this is not the best time to trying to fit in some workouts and a total fitness journey. Perhaps you should just concern yourself with eating clean, and with a few walks and leisure time with loved ones. That would be a lot better for your cortisol and other hormones, than hustling even more for workouts, having that added mental and physical stress, and spending less time with family and friends.

Anyways, this post is not about degrees of required work. We all have different struggles through are lifetime. Do what you need to do, and try to keep healthy all the time, and advance towards your fitness goals as soon as you see the chance.

But always always ake sure you surround yourself with a little bit of fitness, of healthy people, of fitness related opportunities. Its not really about getting calories burned all the time. Its about living the journey, and living the journey includes what you are doing now: reading this post, listening to fitness podcasts, a few videos here and there, etc.

You are doing it right! Make sure you remain consistent, small steps, but small consistent steps, because it is the addition of all those small efforts that add up to success! May you remain empowered and going full force for the next 7 days! We have your back, you just keep your commitment to yourself!





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