De los muchos libros que han moldeado mi vida en los ultimos 2 años, hay uno que leí hace unos meses que me ha enseñado un approach nuevo en términos de dieta. O por lo menos me agrupó varios temas y me agarró de la mano para enseñarme como hacer el diet template.

Pero, este libro lo he recomendado a todos los amigos que me preguntan sobre mi eating plan no solo por lo que enseña sobre dieta y los bueno training templates que también describe, pero por todo el otro contenido para volvernos una mejor persona.

Este libro llamano Man 2.0: Engeneering the Alpha, termine comprándolo y buying into the subject porque escuche un podcast dpnde entrevistaban al autor y sonaba como que he knew and wanted to say what other people didnt, y también porque el foreword del libro lo escribió Schwarzenegger, y si el le puso su nombre there, its probably trustworthy.

Anyways, lo recomiendo comprar en físico, o download en Audiobook para lo que es diet and training, pero aquí un par de principles que he enlists:

Alpha Rules:

Make time for what’s important. There is a difference between being productive, and being busy.
Consider the problem from all angles before you reach a solution.
Embrace your ego as a mechanism to become more confident, but listen and learn from others.
Understand the importance of sex.
Say No to shit you don’t like.
It’s better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission.
Do not criticize unless you have an alternative.
Get your clothes tailored. You look better in a tailored $200 suit then in a $3k one that isn’t made for you.
Show love, give compliments, always say something nice, always.
Be the first to reach for the check. Alphas take care of others. But if the other person insists, let them, don’t ever try to show financial dominance.
Answer all insults with a smile. Don’t give a shit what other people who don’t like you think.
Admit mistakes with honesty and humor. Accept responsibility, then make things right.
Take the lead. If planning a meeting then suggest a day and time.
Scared money don’t make money. Fortune favors the bold, take risks, savor success and learn from defeat.
Learn to cook.

Alpha Traits:

Help others, but don’t do things for them, empower them.
Confident, but not cocky.
Vain, but not conceded. When you look good, you feel good. Make that positive energy.
Proud, but not arrogant. Acknowledge your success, and use it to get even more success, but don’t toot your own horn too much.
Humble, but not self-loathing. Don’t loose faith in yourself.
Tolerant, but not weak. You WILL have to put up with some crap in this life, and your opinion is not the only one that matters. But never be a pushover. Alphas always think about solutions, not problems, but walk away from the toxicity around your life. Don’t sacrifice your core, don’t settle.
Dedicated, but not obsessed.

Hope you like! Tengo bastantes notes on good books ive read (sorry… listened to) and I would love to share. Entre mas gente somos actively looking for version 2.0 of ourselves, the better!