Ebook + Keeping Fit while Traveling Add-On


When we loose our routine we usually get derailed, but we don’t need to!
The travel add-on to our eBook includes:
- How to prep on days and weeks before a big trip.
- What food to bring with you on the plane, including their recipes
- How to keep fairly fit regardless of irregular eating and drinking practices
- How, when, and what very quick workouts can supercharge every vacation day?
- How to get back on track right away?


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Product Description

Travelling and staying on the path to fitness is a problem many people complain about. Be it business travel: packed days and long business dinners. Be it vacation that goes more overboard than desired (even a few days before the trip begins), or as simple as visiting relatives over the weekend, or moving out of the routine while the apartment gets painted.

A collection of years of experience, many failed travels, and many other successful ones too! These tips will surely help you succeed regardless of what comes up.


Don´t fall prey to vacations or work situations. You control your life. Make sure you know as many tips as you can to ensure little derailment.


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