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100 Day Intro to Functional Fitness


You are hearing tons of good things about functional fitness training but can´t quite take the leap. Scared? Uncertain? Doubtful? No Problem, we respect that, but we know functional training will be great for your life, so we have developed a 100 day program to help you ease into it.

Unlock access to 100 highly professional and proven functional fitness workouts from craftsmen in the art of exercise and an outstanding fitness lifestyle. You will never ever have to guess again what to do each day for exercise. Better yet, these are outdoor, highly variable, and do-anywhere workouts that you will enjoy as you get fitter and fitter, and ready for whatever program you choose next.

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Product Description

No more excuses. No more delays. Functional Fitness is doing wonders for people´s lives and its time you start as well. The 100 day program includes proven and tested workouts you can do with no equipment whatsoever, as well as active recovery days and complete rest days. Sometimes a few rounds of squats and pushups in your garage or living room, sometimes a walk or jog in the park, and a whole lot of other variety we will keep as a surprise. Eventually we ask you find a dumbbell or kettlebell, of the weight you choose, but you will know many days in advance.

Fitness is Fun. No, not kidding, it is. If you dont think so, you have probably never trained like you should. Try functional fitness for 100 days. There is not much to loose, but a renewed life to gain. Among other things, you will gain = strength, vitality, energy, radiance, focus, accomplishment, and confidence. We are certain it will change your life.

Power to you! And thank you for your trust. We wont let you down.


For full disclosure purposes, Thomas and the team from FitSitePlus and PrimalPattons.Com follow CrossFit. We follow not only the sport privately owned and defined by the CrossFit brand, but the community and the lifestyle. I personally follow the workout program from and train in CrossFit affiliates.

The workout program here does not attempt to say it is better than what CrossFit provides, but rather to provide a temporary alternative for people who for some reason or other (distance, scheduling, disposable income, fear, etc) have not yet tried CrossFit.

I own a CrossFit Affiliate gym and recommend everyone find one near them. If that option is not possible at this time, I do my best to provide you with the most efficient and professional introduction to functional fitness in 100 days as I possibly can.



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